Influencer Marketing is a perfect solution for growing your business through influencers. They understand the visual nature of these platforms and bring in a ton of attention and increased awareness.

Social media influencers can impact the success of companies and brands. People consider them to be friends rather than paid endorsers or advertisers. This makes it easier for them to promote a product or brand.

Influencer marketing generates revenue for your business, helping you establish a brand identity.

Influencer marketing is now a popular brand strategy, but it wasn’t always this way. For a while, it was nothing more than a passing trend. But, over the last several years, it’s exploded in popularity.

49% of customers said they relied on influencers for product recommendations. In another, 74% of people said they relied on social media to make purchasing decisions.

In 2021, Influencer marketing grew to $13.8 billion, with an ROI of $5.78 for every $1 spent. The number of searches for “influencer marketing” on Google increased in 2016 by over 465%.

The following are some advantages of using influencer marketing rather than traditional advertising.

Your customers want to hear from you at a high level, and you need to know what’s going on in your industry. You can keep up with the latest in Influencer Marketing by using new tools like ours.

Custom Strategies:

We determine the best strategy for each customer/niche/product. We find the most relevant influencer for it and make it easy. Our process of creating a custom strategy helps us to learn more about our customers. We offer them in-depth information so they know everything about what they are buying.

Believing in the process:

At Rising Digitally, we identify relevant large and small audiences. We can find the best influencers for each niche platform after finding the most relevant one. Then we negotiate with them on a win-win situation for both parties. And then, we move on to launching the creating attractive, converting campaigns.

We like to go global with my services. We worked for a Car Insurance Company in the Philippines on this project. The company was lacking sales and brand awareness. So, we started researching the influencers from the Philippines related to this niche. Then negotiated with the influencers for collaboration and started the campaign for the Car Insurance Company “PERLA INSURANCE.” And ended up yielding great results for them.